Vision/Mission and Goal


To be a trusted and leading microfinance institution committed to improving quality of life through the provision of inclusive and sustainable microfinance services to the deprived people of western development region.


The mission of SLBSL is to extend financial services to make people engaged for earning through different occupations and raising social awareness through financial literacy to the economically backward people in a sustainable manner.


  • Reach a maximum number of poor households with potential and financial viability by adopting proven service delivery mechanism.
  • Develop a well-managed institution with high staff morality.
  • Enhance women’s “self-respect” through social awareness, proper use and on-time repayments of loans, regular savings and provision of related micro-finance services.

Target Group

SLBSL recruits new clients who fit the following criteria for its group based financial services:

  • Own less than 0.5 hectares of land per five-person family.
  • House must have mud or unmanaged concrete house (pucca house).
  • Permanent residents of area.
  • No family members employed higher level in the formal sector.
  • No current loans from other financial service providers.
  • A per capita yearly income less than US$400.